iPRF an abbreviation for “Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin”, is the mainstay of all Regenerative treatments. The iPRF serum is extracted from your own blood after it has been centrifuged to separate and concentrate the stem cells, growth factors and fibrin fraction. These cells and growth factors are the vital keys to stimulate your own cells to improve the renewal process. The structural fibrin protein acts as a binding medium to keep the vital keys in place longer during the renewal process.

IPRF is the next generation development of the well known “ Dracula Treatment” using “PRP” ( Platelet Rich Plasma), which is basically the plasma serum component of the blood, but without the fibrin protein component. Both PRP and IPRF are well documented for their use in medicine, for chronic wounds, oral surgery, plastic surgery and orthopedics to name but a few.

Regenerative uses stem-cells /iPRF to treat wrinkles, fine lines, skin quality and volume loss in both the facial region and lips. It is also used for hair loss and joint degeneration. As we only use your own blood to produce the iPRF concentrate, the treatments are very safe. There are no additives to the blood and no risk of an allergic or negative reaction to the product.